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The first nano digital printer in Asia settled in Zhongrong power on ribbon cutting ceremony Licheng

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december 18, 2019 is the 41st anniversary of Zhongrong. On this special day, the "ribbon cutting ceremony for the completion of the first nano digital printing machine in Asia - the new machine" held by Zhongrong Printing Group Co., Ltd. was successfully completed

the ribbon cutting ceremony was held in the digital printing workshop of Zhongshan factory. Guests present at the event included Mr. huanghuanran, general manager of Zhongrong printing group, Mr. zhangzhihua, deputy general manager of Zhongrong printing group, Mr. tanronghong, general manager of R & D center of Zhongrong printing group, Mr. Zhou Xu, deputy general manager of Zhongshan Zhongrong, as well as leaders and department representatives of the company's sales, research and development, supply chain and other relevant departments

at the same time, Michael mogridge, director and general manager of Asia Pacific and Japan of Landa Corporation, edu meytal, vice president of global sales and marketing, NIR zarmi, vice president of Landa products and strategic partner, Deng song, sales manager of Landa Greater China, Wilson Mak, senior sales representative of Landa in South China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and representatives of Landa's global colleagues were also invited to attend the ceremony, Together with Zhongrong, we witnessed this remarkable moment

as we all know, digital printing is a new trend of future printing development. Mr. Benny Landa, the founder of Landa company, is the father of digital printing. His nano image technology ignited the second digital revolution in the printing industry

the first nano digital printing machine in Asia has been settled in Zhongrong, and the installation and acceptance have been successfully completed. This marks that Zhongrong has officially become the promoter of the "lighthouse plan" of Landa in the Asia Pacific region. It also means that Zhongrong has taken another important step forward in exploring and creating the future of digital printing. I wish you and your family peace and health! We sincerely believe that digital printing is a new trend of printing development in the future, and the application of Landa S10 will be an important milestone in Zhongrong's digital process

in this ribbon cutting ceremony, landas10 brought a personalized interpretation, which surprised and excited everyone. On site, the color card calendar produced by Zhongrong printing passes through variable data, without pre printing in advance, and the effect is immediate. The high fidelity printing effect is not limited by spot color

with the support of landas 10, Zhongrong can more flexibly and quickly meet more and more personalized and customized needs, and provide technical support for the brand to realize more creative ideas. In the next few months, Zhongrong team will further develop, and we believe that more advantages and functions will be inspired

the future market is full of uncertainty. The only constant is change, and the only change is the speed of change. After 41 years, Zhongrong, as a pioneer and leading enterprise in China's packaging and printing industry, has been trying hard to promote innovation and the development of domestic digital process, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of modern printing and packaging industry

let us wish the equipment to be put into operation successfully and successfully achieve the production capacity target! Let us also look forward to the fourth joint innovation · smart packaging open day, which will be held next year with improved voltage, but the industrial transformation capacity of technical achievements is still insufficient to the rated value office! At that time, Zhongrong will bring you new digital solutions, as well as more innovative technologies and services

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