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The nanocomposite coating developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows remarkable effect in the corrosion prevention of power facilities

the nanocomposite coating developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows remarkable effect in the corrosion prevention of power facilities

August 15, 2011

[China coating information] the corrosion protection of power facilities is one of the important factors affecting the long-term safe operation of power transmission and transformation lines. A few days ago, when the relevant power departments inspected the power transmission and transformation facilities, they found that the power facilities using the nano composite coating developed by the Metal Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences were still in good condition after 8 years of construction, while the facilities using the traditional coating had to be repaired within 3 years. Anticorrosion of power facilities has become another application field of nano composite coatings

UV light stabilizer (UVA) and hindered amine light stabilizer are the most important methods to improve the weatherability of organic coatings. However, these anti UV additives are toxic on the one hand, and their UV shielding performance will gradually decrease with the extension of the coating exposure time, resulting in aging and failure of the coating. Therefore, they have been widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, military, metallurgy, transportation, engineering machinery and so on. The researchers of the Institute of metals have done a lot of research work on the two core modules in the use of nanotechnology to improve the weatherability of the paint film. The UV shielding performance of the paint has been greatly improved by using nano inorganic particles, and the nano composite paint has been developed. The coating mainly uses nanoparticles to improve the aging resistance and corrosion resistance of the coating, so as to improve the protective performance of the coating. In 2003, the economy of the majority of users in the metal Institute was also gradually picking up. The nano composite coating research group transferred the UV resistant nano composite coating technology to Dezhou dingda Engineering Co., Ltd

since then, the metal Institute has cooperated with Dezhou dingda Engineering Co., Ltd. to complete several important anti-corrosion projects in the power industry. The longest construction period has been 8 years, and no corrosion has been found in the construction parts. The application of this coating in the substation corrosion protection operating in the industrial environment and the marine environment does not mean that the decline in the import of corrosion protection does not mean that the utilization rate of foreign equipment has dropped significantly. It has solved the corrosion protection problem of power towers, transformers and other facilities in high-voltage transmission lines for many years

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