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China has successfully developed nano polypropylene composites

Chinese researchers have successfully grafted nano materials with polypropylene and developed nano polypropylene composites. This nano polypropylene product based on injection grade plastic maintains its original rigidity and greatly improves its toughness. It is the first drug and agricultural product innovation in China. According to the introduction of scientific researchers, different kinds of nano materials can be grafted with polypropylene of almost all brands to make nanocomposites with various excellent properties, so as to greatly improve the quality of polypropylene and broaden the application field of polypropylene products. Nano materials and their technologies are emerging application technologies formed with the development of science and technology in recent 10 years. Nano particles are only 1 to 100 nanometers in size. Their quantum effect and volume effect make them different from conventional materials in light, electricity, magnetism, force and other characteristics and properties. The nanocomposites made of nano materials and other materials have further optimized the properties of traditional materials. The nano polypropylene composite successfully developed in China is to add nano materials to the polypropylene base material to change its aggregation state and crystalline morphology, so that it has new properties. This nanocomposite polypropylene overcomes the contradiction that the rigidity and toughness of traditional materials are difficult to be invincible in order to be compatible. The bags made of this kind of carefully designed material for the molecular structure of hydrophilic polyurethane resin by researchers are both hard and not easy to crack; Using it to make auto parts can replace high-quality plastic and steel with fake and low-cost aluminum alloy cables that are now flooding the market

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