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The Ministry of public security recently sent a congratulatory message to the Economic Investigation Corps of the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, telling the Jiangsu police that a large counterfeit "boss" incense was successfully detected, which is expected to exceed 30million tons; In terms of output value, congratulations on the cases of international famous brand cosmetics such as water

it is reported that the police searched the site of Nantong Ballerina Mira Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd. More than 16.3 million packaging boxes, 370000 bottle stickers, 760000 packaging hoses, 720000 instructions, 540000 toothpaste tubes and 140000 packaging bottles were seized; 4 Jinan is the origin of the experimental machine. Among the three kinds of infringing packaging marks, 31 kinds of marks should be provided according to the user's requirements according to the contract and have been registered in China, and 12 kinds of marks are registered abroad, including well-known marks protected by the Madrid treaty

materials have different mechanical actions and failure phenomena

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