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Nanping Hongrun: innovation inspires the achievement of Small Technological giants

in the exhibition hall of Hongrun precision instrument company, a list of well-known users is listed, which is amazing: it covers many important fields such as aerospace, national defense and military industry, nuclear power, high-speed rail, and more than 40 Aerospace units such as China Academy of space technology, China Academy of aerospace aerodynamic technology, Tsinghua University, And more than 10 national defense and military industrial units, such as the Chinese Academy of atomic energy and the Institute of high energy physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is reported that Microsoft, abb, Siemens, Hitachi, ThyssenKrupp and other more than a dozen of the world's top 500 companies have business cooperation with Hongrun

what kind of enterprise is Hongrun, located in Shunchang County, a mountainous area in the north-west of Fujian, and how did it achieve such impressive results

Figure 1 Hongrun's modern production line. Drawings provided by the enterprise

choose the right direction without fear of challenges chenzhiyang, chief engineer of Hongrun company, has worked in Hongrun for 17 years. At the age of nearly 50, he talks about the development of the company with great emotion: after more than 20 years of innovation and development, the instrument enterprise that started from scratch in that year has stood tall in the forefront of China's instrument industry. The progress of the company is also an honor for individuals and teams. How should each person on duty give play to his talent? I think in addition to the craftsman spirit praised by modern people, it is more important to keep some innovative ideas in mind

chenzhiyang told the author that Hongrun precision instrument was used as a display instrument in the early stage of its development, and the technology was weak in the early stage of its development, but it has always attached great importance to the investment in research and development. In 2010, when analyzing the market, the company found that there was still a large gap between the calibrators developed in China and foreign products, such as low precision, short standby time, poor environmental adaptability and low stability. However, under the background of significant changes in market demand structure and macro economic environment, the price of advanced calibrators in foreign countries remained high for a long time

since 2010, Hongrun has spent more than 2 years in research and development, and another half a year in running in. It did not start mass production of high-precision multi-functional process calibrators until the beginning of 2013. It can be said that this is the biggest R & D task for us. Now we only need about 3 months to do product research and development on average. Chenzhiyang said that as a testing instrument, the process calibrator is often provided to the national high-end metrology institute or major universities for calibration, so it requires very high precision

after the subject was determined, we made the feasibility study report and technical confirmation. At the same time, we imported the fluke 730 prototype from the United States and began to study from the prototype. Hongrun immediately formed a technical team composed of mold engineers, software engineers, hardware engineers, etc. everyone divided their work and started from their own specialties to study and solve mold design, software input, power supply and other problems

our leaders have always emphasized that money is not a problem, and talent is the most critical. In our company, even if you were not a professional before, you can become a backbone as long as you are willing to learn and do. It is the company that provides such a good platform that encourages everyone to give full play to their talents and jointly develop new technologies. Chenzhiyang frankly said that in the team innovation, everyone can perform their own duties and find their own value. Therefore, at the beginning, everyone has firm confidence

Figure 2 chenzhiyang introduces his daily work. Photographed by liuyingping

keep improving over and over again

chenzhiyang tells us that measurement accuracy, output accuracy and resolution are the three most critical indicators of R & D. once its performance indicators are determined, all R & D data are required to rely on this direction, so it is necessary to keep running in during the experiment. In the most difficult reliability test, the R & D team looked for the source of the problem from the 10000 or 20000 test data every day

for example, in the signal processing part, we found that the device had temperature drift. Such problems need to be solved immediately. After repeated experiments, it was found that the material may be improperly selected, and the resistance signal output needs to use gold-plated materials, but the copper we used at that time is not good, and the resistance value will deviate. Chenzhiyang recalled

during the test, problems appeared one after another. Sometimes the battery fails to charge, and the instrument also has a temperature deviation of nearly 2 to 10 degrees. Later, the R & D team changed the circuit design and began to change the original built-in cold port to an external one. In addition, the display screen of the instrument will appear disordered code or white screen, and there will be problems in the software part.

if there are problems, we should overcome them bit by bit, first divide them into several groups to eliminate them slowly, and finally summarize all the problems. Chenzhiyang has said many times that due to the particularity of product use, its own accuracy must be ensured in research and development, so the prototype must be tested and verified repeatedly. Of course, our team also has problems that can not be solved. At this time, we will consult the experts who connect with our company, and everyone will cooperate to complete it. In the process of solving, the whole technical solution will often be pushed down because of a very small problem, In a word, all procedures should be repeated and every difficulty must be overcome

at that time, everyone worked late every day, and I was under great pressure. However, this is the way for technical workers. They should be calm, bear hardships, and dare to undertake. The most important thing is that they are not afraid of failure. I think this is not only our team, but also our profession. Chenzhiyang said in a calm and relaxed tone

Figure 3 Hongrun presided over the drafting and formulation of the national standard for commissioning of electrical, instrument and control systems in process industry. Drawings provided by the enterprise

help and guide open the door to innovation

through tireless efforts, the process calibrator developed and produced by Hongrun is similar to the foreign competitive Yokogawa ca-150 product in terms of output signal type, standby time, measurement accuracy, environmental adaptability, long-time working stability, etc. compared with the Japanese Yokogawa ca-150 product, it also adds a two-way look-up table of temperature scale. In terms of design, the streamlined shape has changed the rigid square shape of domestic instruments, without losing the generosity and steadiness of industrial instruments

with the success of the project technology, in 2013, chenzhiyang was rated as a model worker in Fujian Province. Therefore, Hongrun set up a model worker studio, established a mentoring mechanism with chenzhiyang as the center, and cultivated one innovation expert after another. We teach hand-in-hand, and newcomers will take fewer detours. In such a platform, everyone will ask questions if they don't understand. People who grow up first will never spare their talents. Sometimes, we also overcome problems together and have academic discussions. In this regard, chenzhiyang is sincerely pleased that the company has introduced talents, and we will cultivate them ourselves. Under such a mechanism that mutual general groups often use Corvette series as the experimental body to test and motivate new technologies, it is sure to burst out a steady stream of innovative ideas

nearly 90% of the company's technical personnel are recruited by our boss. At present, there are more than 300 employees, and more than half of them are technical personnel. We have also set up 5 companies and 2 R & D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing and other places. Chenzhiyang introduced that although the main body of Hongrun is located in a small town, it has a wide horizon. In 2014, Hongrun formed an academician workstation with zhuangsonglin, chairman of China instrumentation Association and academician of Chinese Academy of engineering. It is with the emphasis on talents and technology that Hongrun has now obtained more than 500 national patents and more than 100 software copyright registrations. In June 2016, it also won the honorary title of leading enterprise of Fujian science and technology giant

Figure 4 various display instruments produced by Hongrun. Photographed by liuyingping

6 18 incentive achievement transformation

at the first June 18, 2003, Hongrun company decisively invested 3.2 million yuan to cooperate with Fujian Electronic Research Institute to jointly develop and produce intelligent industrial process paperless recorders. Since then, Hongrun has been docking projects on the 618 platform for many times. In 2015, the industrialization project of Hongrun high-precision multi-functional process calibrator was supported by the achievement transformation support fund of Fujian development and Reform Commission's 6.18 project. This is the third time that Hongrun has received the achievement transformation support fund of 6.18 after the industrialization of industrial automation instruments and the industrialization of intelligent LCD flow totalizer. The implementation of the project has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, effectively improved the enterprise's independent innovation ability and core competitiveness, driven the development and growth of Hongrun, and effectively promoted the development of instrument manufacturing industry in Fujian Province

in the past, the conditions were not mature, and there were many things that we did not dare to do or did not have time to do. In this era of entrepreneurship and innovation, it is logical to take the initiative to develop and research. Our company is researching and developing every year. For example, this year we have to consider the projects to be done next year. Therefore, our products have been updating. Chenzhiyang sighed

on this basis, over the years, around five series of products, including digital display instruments, paperless recorders and process calibrators, Hongrun has been committed to the integration of standardization, informatization and industrialization, presided over and actively participated in the formulation of 42 international and national standards, established a quality management system in strict accordance with ISO9001 standards, and realized standardization and institutionalization from production to enterprise management. At the same time, it has realized the informatization of enterprise management and the automation of production equipment around China smart manufacturing 2025, and will continue to vigorously implement the intelligent and asymmetric fatigue test of production equipment, which can be divided into one-way and two-way loading fatigue test and digital hydraulic technology for the control device of the governor and large valve of the hydraulic turbine

6 18 project funds have given us great confidence. I believe that with continuous R & D and innovation, we will have the strength to meet a better tomorrow! Finally, chenzhiyang told the author with a smile. (Gu Ying, Liu Yingping)

source: 618 Haichuang Fair

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