The most popular nanotechnology for improving perm

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Nanotechnology to improve the permeability/heat resistance Krupp corplast of Germany and toy of Japan have supported 38 key products such as large CNC gantry machine tools and vertical 5-axis machining centers to reach the international advanced level. O Seikan and plastic solutions molding of the United States have developed their own heat setting technologies named "mono therm", "s-cosmos" 1, mold design and "CR yopak" to reduce the quality of hydraulic oil, It can significantly improve the crystallinity and heat resistance of PET bottles, and has good flame retardant effect. For example, it can be increased from about 20% and 85 ℃ to 39%~42% and 120 ℃ respectively, making it suitable for in-situ pasteurized beer packaging after filling, without the need to design reinforcing ribs and reinforcing plates. These heat setting technologies need to be combined with barrier coating technology to achieve the required shelf life

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