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Chendexin, Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone: highlight the construction of five bases to create a service outsourcing highland ctiforum news on September 29: on September 28, 2010, the 2010 China call center industry summit hosted by the call center and Customer Relationship Management Professional Committee (CNCCA) of China electronics chamber of Commerce, supported by the Ministry of industry and information technology and organized by CTI forum was held in Beijing. A group of well-known experts from the industry were invited to give speeches at the meeting. The following is the live graphic report of the keynote speech:

chendexin: distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning! It is a great honor to have the opportunity to participate in the 2010 China (Asia Pacific) best call center award ceremony and the 2010 China call center industry summit. This is an important sign for Nantong Development Zone to strengthen cooperation with China electronics chamber of Commerce. It is another close contact with friends in the call industry after Nantong Development Zone has just successfully undertaken the activity of "cooperation, win-win, development - call industry in Nantong". Here, I would like to extend my sincere invitation to all the guests attending the summit, and welcome you to Nantong national economic and Technological Development Zone for investigation, investment and cooperation

I would like to take this opportunity to make a brief introduction to the basic situation of Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone and the positioning and environment for developing the service outsourcing industry, especially the call industry. Before the introduction, please watch the promotional video of the service outsourcing industry in our district

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thank you! Now, I would like to make some additional information about the relevant situation

Founded in 1984, Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone is one of the first 14 national economic and technological development zones in China. It is located in the core circle of the Yangtze River Delta, facing Shanghai across the river and 50 minutes' drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. It is the most dynamic important industrial highland, policy depression and service outsourcing base in the Yangtze River Delta region. It has been rated as one of the top ten development zones with the most investment value and the best investment development zone in the eyes of multinational companies, Jiangsu social security zone and ISO14000 national demonstration zone. Since the key to the construction of the zone was put into use, the development zone has attracted investors from more than 30 countries and regions to settle down, and has established more than 600 foreign-invested enterprises with a total investment of about US $10.5 billion, including more than 50 of the world's top 500 investment enterprises. It has initially formed leading industrial clusters such as modern equipment manufacturing, new materials, biomedicine, new energy and modern service industries, and has increasingly become a cluster of advanced industries and a demonstration area for system innovation A leading area for scientific and technological progress and a modern new urban area

in recent years, Nantong Development Zone has seized the historical opportunity of the superposition of two national strategies, namely, Jiangsu coastal development and the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. It has taken the development of service outsourcing industry as a new engine for economic growth, the focus of transformation and upgrading, and a breakthrough in the development of strategic emerging industries. In accordance with the general idea of "aggregating advantages, upgrading grades, and creating characteristics", guided by scientific planning, and focused on introducing projects, Relying on the platform construction, we will spare no effort to promote the rapid development of the service outsourcing industry. Since it was recognized as the service outsourcing demonstration zone of Jiangsu Province in 2008, the service outsourcing industry of Nantong Development Zone has been catching up from behind. In particular, the call industry has had a great impact in the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country, becoming "whether the performance parameters of China's call industry products are the same? Building a demonstration base". Based on a comprehensive analysis of the basis, positioning and advantages of the development of the service outsourcing industry in Nantong Development Zone, we focus on the implementation of the "5, 4 and 3" development strategy:

the so-called "5", that is, the development zone is committed to building five major service outsourcing Industrial bases:

the first is the call center industrial base. With the goal of reaching more than 20000 call seats within five years and building a first-class call industry base in China, we will accelerate the launch of Ctrip call center phase II project, making it the first to reach 12000 seats. With this as the basis and brand, we will focus on the settlement of existing call center projects such as it services, emergency rescue, medical transcription, etc. In particular, we should further improve the policy environment, talent training environment, living environment and business environment for the development of the call industry, and constantly improve the competitiveness of the call industry for sustainable development. Here, I warmly welcome the enterprises with the intention of calling industry projects to invest and develop in the development zone and jointly build a "China calling industry demonstration zone"

second, the creative design industry base. With KPO as the leading direction and the creative design Industrial Park of the development zone as the carrier, actively promote the settlement of Nanjing Shuntian, Xiyangyang, grey wolf, Huihuan technology and other animation design and industrial design projects. In the past two years, it has been striving to introduce more than 30 creative design, animation production and software development enterprises, gradually forming a agglomeration effect

third, e-commerce industry base. With IOT as the main form and BTB as the means, build an e-commerce industry base in Nengda business district, focus on it services, electronic products, furniture, home textiles, clothing, biology and health care products, and focus on promoting the implementation of 5280 health, Cloud Computing Center, home furnishing and other e-commerce projects, so as to stimulate the development of call industry and commodity logistics industry, and promote a new leap in modern service industry

fourth, the biomedical R & D outsourcing industry base. Based on the existing biomedical enterprises, encourage and support Lianya pharmaceutical, Lianke pharmaceutical, Baiao biological, Maite biological, pilot stem cell, Dongying pharmaceutical, Longxiang biological, Anhui biological, etc. to continuously increase R & D investment and produce more R & D achievements. Promote the construction of biomedical industrial park, introduce and cultivate biomedical R & D and production enterprises with advanced levels at home and abroad, and make biomedical R & D outsourcing a new highlight of the service outsourcing industry in our region

fifth, service outsourcing talent training base. With the goal of training more than 1000 people a year and Microsoft as the main operator, we accelerated the construction of service outsourcing talent training base, which was officially put into operation this month. Based on this, we will strengthen the integration of existing training institutions and educational resources, adopt diversified cooperation, gradually expand the number of training and cooperation radius, and provide strong talent and education support for the development of service outsourcing. Through 2-3 years' efforts, it will become a first-class service outsourcing talent training base in Jiangsu Province and even in China

the so-called "4" means that the development zone is committed to building four guarantee systems for service outsourcing:

first, the government service system. The administrative committee of Nantong Development Zone is an agency dispatched by Nantong municipal government, which exercises unified administrative management over the whole region. The administrative committee of the development zone has the right to examine and approve foreign investment projects of less than US $100million. For investors' investment and construction projects in Nantong Development Zone, an efficient and streamlined "one-stop" service is implemented. All the application and approval matters and procedures involved can be reported and handled at the investment service center

second, the policy guarantee system. In order to encourage the centralized development of modern service industry projects such as service outsourcing, Nantong Development Zone, in addition to fully implementing the relevant national, provincial and municipal encouragement and support policies, also reduced and exempted administrative fees for key projects encouraged to develop, gave priority to land supply, and negotiated on a case by case basis in terms of production factor allocation, fiscal and tax incentive mechanism, senior talent income distribution and control mechanism, etc. For technology R & D, talent training, corporate headquarters, creative design and other service outsourcing projects, such as leasing and using the completed entrepreneurial Outsourcing Industrial Park, service outsourcing center or standard factory buildings in the technology incubator, they can enjoy the rent exemption of two and three (the first two years are exempted, and the third five years are halved)

the third is the talent support system. Nantong Development Zone strictly implements the "Jianghai talent plan" of Nantong City, formulates and implements the "Star Lake plan" for talents with the characteristics of the development zone. For the introduced high-level talents and professional talents in short supply, Nantong Development Zone will give a project funding of RMB 500000-5million, a one-time resettlement subsidy of RMB 200000-1.5 million and a living allowance of RMB 1000-5000 per month for three years according to different types and levels, and will also give investment and financing, scientific research project fund matching Support from various aspects, such as entrepreneurial sites. At the same time, we attach great importance to the training of service outsourcing talents. China India vocational training center focuses on training it R & D and medical transcription professionals, and Microsoft Technology Center focuses on training it R & D service talents

the fourth is the supporting system of elements. The development zone has 80000 square meters of talent apartments with high-grade and complete functions, which can provide comfortable and convenient living services for talents of service outsourcing enterprises, with up to 20000 residents. Yosemite, zilangshang County, Junshan Peninsula, Hyde garden, etc. can provide high-grade residential apartments for enterprise personnel. The compulsory education system in the development zone is complete, and the teaching facilities and teaching level of primary and secondary schools are leading in the city. It can solve the problem of children's schooling nearby for foreign entrepreneurs. Xinghu block, 101 square and other characteristic blocks, leisure farms (national AAA scenic spot) and other leisure, entertainment and shopping places are built in the Development Zone, which can provide high-grade leisure and entertainment services

the so-called "3" means that the development zone is committed to creating three major functional platforms for service outsourcing of great importance:

first, it can reach the business district. This area is the core area of the modern new town that our district is striving to build. In 2009, it was rated as a provincial modern service industry cluster. It integrates various functions such as administrative office, finance, commerce, commerce and noble residence. It is an important base for the development of e-commerce and other service outsourcing industries. Ctrip information technology center, Microsoft technology center and other projects have been settled, and functional projects such as Nengda headquarters building, fortune finance building and Yixing building are being stepped up

second, the smart park. The park is an important carrier for the development of creative design, animation production and software development in the district. Phase I of the service outsourcing and entrepreneurship center building with a total investment of 600million yuan and a construction area of 130000 square meters has been put into use. Projects such as creative design Industrial Park, Cloud Computing Center, pleasant goat and grey taro animation and emergency rescue call center will soon be settled in the park

the third is the wisdom park. Nearly 100000 square meters of service outsourcing industrial buildings have been built, and the supporting service center building integrating catering, accommodation, convenience stores and other service functions is under construction. This is the incubation platform for the development of the call industry in our district. Now 2000 call seats have been built. It is an ideal platform for growing small and medium-sized call enterprises to settle down. At present, the federal software call center project has been settled

leaders, ladies and gentlemen, as the saying goes, seeing is better than hearing. Nantong Development Zone warmly welcomes all guests to come and have a look. We will use scientific ideas and practical measures to connect with all investors in an all-round way. We will use beautiful environment, high-quality services and preferential policies to show you that investing in Nantong Development Zone is to grasp the future, and choosing Nantong Development Zone is to lead to success

finally, I sincerely wish you good health and prosperity

thanks for the resonance principle

this article is sorted out according to the minutes of the 2010 China call center industry summit organized by CTI forum. Please indicate the source for reprint

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