Analysis of specific concepts of door and window e

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Doors are important building components and decorative components

doors are classified into wood doors, steel doors, aluminum alloy doors, plastic doors, glass doors, composite doors, etc. according to materials. The wooden door consists of door frame and door leaf. The frame has an upper frame, a frame and a middle frame (a door with a transom), and each frame is connected with a tenon

the door leaf can be divided into panel door, panel door and panel door according to the structural form. The paneled door is assembled by embedding the solid wood panel into the groove of the door leaf wooden frame. The width of the groove used to install the panel on the wooden frame depends on the thickness of the panel. There should be a gap of about 2mm between the edge of the inlaid panel and the bottom groove. Doors usually need to be made of wood, metal or stone

all glass doors are widely used in public buildings. All glass doors are directly processed into door leaves with flat glass or tempered glass with a thickness of more than 10mm. Generally, there is no door frame. There are two types of full glass doors, manual and automatic, and the opening methods are horizontal opening and push-pull





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