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Deception is everywhere, and deception is everywhere. Consumers may fall into the sugar coating trap carefully prepared by salespersons or floor merchants when buying floors. To buy a floor that makes them happy, consumers must polish their eyes, listen and don't listen, and really make the sugar coated shells explode in front without changing their face and heart. Buying flooring is a science. We sink into the first-line sales market and connect domestic high-end brand flooring. Here we reveal the deception of some bad businesses

1. Salesperson: 100% of the sales in our store are imported flooring

many brands have propaganda slogans such as 100% import or imported brands. In fact, only a small part of them are imported, and most of them are produced with domestic materials and technologies

domestic products have the same packaging, size, and even color as imported floors. Merchants sell them at imported prices. Can you distinguish the authenticity? In order to prove its imported “ Authenticity ”, Merchants can also issue import declaration forms and certificates of origin, and promise to pay 10 for each fake. You can't help but believe it. If you buy such fake goods, if you want to distinguish between imported and domestic goods and get justice, you must become an employee of the company in order to find the inside story, otherwise your probability of winning the lawsuit is almost zero

think about it, “ MADE IN CHINA” The momentum has swept almost all products around us, and flooring is no exception. As long as we don't embrace this move “ Worship foreign countries ” If you have a good attitude, you won't be fooled and become self-improvement with domestic products

2, salesperson: our floor is zero formaldehyde floor

when consumers buy wooden floors, many people will take non-toxic, harmless, healthy and environmental protection as their first choice. At present, terms related to environmental protection in the flooring industry, such as E1 level and E0 level, are emerging one after another, and some wood flooring manufacturers have even made " Zero formaldehyde floor " Flag of. In fact, in the production process of wood flooring, in order to ensure the bonding strength and wear resistance, adhesives or paints containing more or less formaldehyde will be used in most cities. The key is to ensure that the flooring and its supporting auxiliary materials are environmentally friendly, so as to avoid the accumulation of formaldehyde content causing harm to human health. It is reported that the national standard for free formaldehyde in wood flooring is no more than 1.5 mg/L. Shengxiang, David f 4-star flooring is recognized as the floor brand with the lowest formaldehyde emission in China, and the average formaldehyde emission < 0.3mg/l, fully in line with “ Unlimited indoor use ” Indicators, harmless to human body

3, salesperson: our floor adopts “ Four latches ” Technology

the mortise socket structure adopted by the first generation of reinforced composite wood flooring can ensure that the products will not be stitched and degummed in use by filling the mortise with glue during installation. In actual use, it is found that in China, the height difference of the ground is too large (up to 10mm/m, the standard requirement is less than 2mm/m) and the workers are not serious enough in installation, and the glue is not evenly applied and not fully applied. Some floors of individual households will have the problem of seam cracking. Businesses then launched thickened boards and lock boards to solve the above problems. Some businesses want to increase their “ Latch ” The so-called “ Double latch &rdquo& ldquo; Three locks &rdquo& ldquo; Four latches ” The higher the latch level, the better the quality of the floor. In fact, whether the floor is firmly connected depends not on the number of latch levels, but on the chamfer angle and chamfer area of the latch plate. There are too many latch levels, which is like using a few small locks to guard against theft. Is it safer than using a big lock? The earliest manufacturers produced lock buckle plates to increase the adhesive force of the floor, and finally developed into increasing the number of lock buckles to deceive consumers. Here I recommend Xinfa smart buckle flooring to you. The national invention patented products are trustworthy

4, salesperson: we are factory direct selling

factory direct selling doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but it's rare for consumers. Many brands with direct sales stores are still dealers in essence. Floor dealers have their own purchase channels, and then hang a brand. For manufacturers, this way, they don't have to pay for their own stores, but enjoy their success

secondly, for floor salesmen in exclusive stores, consumers don't have to rely too much on being regarded as experts. They are just doing a sales job. Unfortunately, the products they sell are floors. In fact, like us, they also know a little about floors

5. Salesperson: this floor is very cheap and cost-effective

never believe the salesperson's argument that denies economic theory. The price of a product depends on its value. Facts: composite wood flooring itself is a high-tech product, and there has been a floor of 29 yuan/m2 in the market. Why? Good Floor wear-resistant layer generally uses imported solid aluminum oxide of more than 45 grams, and the wear resistance reaches above AC3; The secondary floor uses about 20 grams of domestic wear-resistant layer, or even no wear-resistant layer; The decorative layer of the secondary floor is fuzzy and false, and will fade after long-term exposure to the sun; Good floor core material has high and uniform density, long pure wood fiber, low formaldehyde emission, moisture-proof and no deformation; The core material of the sub floor is mostly miscellaneous wood short fiber and has a large amount of bark, resulting in the core material blackening, low density and uneven, requiring a large amount of glue bonding, so the formaldehyde release is seriously over the standard, and it is easy to deform and bulge in case of moisture





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