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This activity will last for 15 days from December 20, 2015 to January 3, 2016. There are many discounts and gifts. Fun, good luck and good value for money are the key words of this activity

on December 20, 2015, there are still 3 days to the winter solstice, 6 days to Christmas, and 13 days to new year's Day... From now on, our balance in 2015 is only 13 days. The popular advertisement once told us that men can improve their family status and women can gain face in social circles by spending less money, buying good goods and choosing major brands. In that case, Molike, a big brand that rarely makes profits, should not be missed in these ten days. To tell the truth that it doesn't violate the advertising law, it's up to imagination if the strength is low

this activity will last for 15 days from December 20, 2015 to January 3, 2016, including discounts and various gifts. Fun, good luck and good value for money are the key words of this activity. Even for those consumers who haven't got their houses yet, there are many benefits that will last until next spring for everyone to prepare in advance

what is "two bombs and one star"

every Christmas and new year's day are seven days apart. Netizens who love to celebrate call it "double Dan season". Molike, the overall soft clothing customized brand, took this opportunity to carry out year-end promotion activities nationwide to celebrate Christmas and new year's day. These two bombs should be well understood

first bullet: Christmas. Sign in at the exclusive store on Christmas day, and you can get a 1 yuan discount card for purchasing blinds

the second bullet: New Year's day. If you sign in at the exclusive store on New Year's day, you can receive a Molike New Year gift bag

a star: lucky star. During the activity, you can participate in the lucky star lottery when you shop in the exclusive store and place a full order. In addition, during the event, log in to Molike's official wechat platform (wechat: molik_1982) and participate in the wechat "lucky star lottery"

strong and thoughtful

in this event, Molike convened many franchised stores across the country to participate in it. In addition to the national unified "two bombs and one star" activity, each store also formulated characteristic profit making activities, such as full reduction, cash back, deposit appreciation and colorful gifts. It's not only powerful, but also attentive. Molike is very responsible to tell you that Molike has prepared all the calendars, red envelopes, Spring Festival couplets and blessing characters for the new year, and is waiting for you to receive the gift

national linkage to win the market by volume

the activity is about to begin, and the exclusive stores all over the country have already arranged the activity atmosphere and advertising of the stores. Many of Molike's regular customers have said that they rarely see Molike doing promotions. Why does it make so much profit this time? Introduction of relevant person in charge of molyk "In 2015, the overall economic downturn in the building materials market was obvious, and many small and medium-sized brands are facing a wave of reshuffle. How Molike, which has a brand history of more than 30 years, can survive in the difficult market competition depends not only on the trust of consumers in Molike as always, but also on Molike's sincerity. Only by truly putting the benefits into the hands of consumers, can we get more attention and support. This national linkage In the event, Molike should win the market by volume "

once the activities of Molike headquarters were announced, franchised stores all over the country showed great enthusiasm. As early as December 10, Hunan You county Molike issued an activity notice to the local people. Due to the large number of customers who consulted by telephone, special personnel were specially assigned to connect in the franchise store. Shandong Weifang exclusive store also launched the wechat warm-up activity of "two bombs and one star" on December 12. You can receive gifts by forwarding Jizan, and the online participation continues to rise

2015 is coming. May the shock of "two bombs and one satellite" at the end of the year make a auspicious and grand start for 2016. Curtain, wall cloth, upholstery, window decoration, overall soft decoration customized brand Molike is looking forward to your visit





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