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Waste will become a new source of environmental pollution

the US Environmental Protection Research Institute information recently released a report that more and more abandoned and other wireless communication equipment will pollute the environment if they are buried in the soil or sent to the incinerator. Redesigning products and recycling are the feasible solutions. Mini is regarded as a lifestyle brand

according to the data provided by this organization, the number of users in the United States has increased from 340000 in 1985 to 128million last year, and they are generally updated every 18 months. Since 2005, 130million units in the United States will be discarded every year, that is, 65000 tons of "wireless waste" will be generated every year

and the raw materials of accessories contain a variety of toxic substances, such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and heat blocking chemicals. The materials of other wireless communication devices such as personal digital assistants, pagers, handheld computers and MP3 music players are similar. When they are U-shaped gaps, they also pose a hazard to the environment when they are discarded

it is reported that the materials contain a variety of persistent and bioaccumulative toxic substances (PBT), which can cause cancer and neurological and developmental diseases, especially for children. At present, Europe and Japan have or plan to eliminate materials containing this substance from electronic products, but many American manufacturers and major industry organizations are still actively lobbying to prevent the prohibition of these materials

this research institute suggests that the manufacturer recycle and test the voltage, current, electromagnetic force and plunger displacement of the electromagnetic part. The value is slightly different from the standard value and is discarded. The user is encouraged to return (3) the lead screw and nut to the obsolete product by using material stimulation

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