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lighting up the world-class art treasure house

in November 2008, the Islamic Art Museum, which has the largest collection of Islamic cultural heritage in the world, was completed in Doha, Qatar. This world-class landmark is designed by I.M. Pei, a Chinese architect in his nineties. It has collected Islamic cultural and artistic works from Asia, Europe and Africa, spanning 13 centuries. The establishment of the museum will help Doha establish its status as a cultural center in the Middle East

in order to ensure the safety of exhibits and let visitors experience the comfort of a world-class Museum during their visit, the museum management organization has put forward the most stringent requirements for the ancillary facilities of the museum, including the distribution transformer, which is crucial to the power supply of the venue. After selection and elimination at various levels during the bidding process, only ABB dry-type distribution transformer can fully meet the demanding performance and quality standards of customers and is successfully shortlisted in the procurement list. ABB transformer is composed of vacuum cast epoxy resin and glass fiber. It has high mechanical strength, large capacity, excellent short-circuit resistance and is not easy to burn. Moreover, it will not be maintained for decades after installation, which eliminates the museum's concern about the performance and reliability of the transformer. In addition, abb dry-type distribution transformers occupy a small area and can be installed near the power center, which can also reduce the cost of building transmission lines in the museum. Because of these advantages, abb dry-type distribution transformer is not only suitable for museums, but also for places with tight land, large traffic and high requirements for power supply quality, such as stadiums, shopping centers and subway stations

first class products are matched with first-class buildings. ABB transformer adds luster to the Islamic Art Museum. In fact, the Islamic Art Museum is not the only place to experience the excellent performance of ABB transformers. As a leading transformer supplier in the world, abb provides 500000 transformers to global customers including China every year. Perhaps the power you need to print or read this article comes from ABB transformers

less energy consumption, more power

every day, about 40 ships pass through the world-famous Panama Canal to and from the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Many of these ships are equipped with abb turbochargers, a technology pioneered by ABB in the 1920s. Since then, abb has been the market and technology leader in this field for nearly 90 years. From container ships to passenger ships, to oil tankers, to icebreakers, to ferries, and even a considerable part of fuel or gas turbine power plants and heavy trucks, they all rely on ABB turbochargers. Why are ABB turbochargers favored by so many basic industrial users

as a power related system, abb turbocharger can recover the energy in the exhaust gas of internal combustion engine, and use them to inject more air into the internal combustion engine to achieve up to three times the power increase. It can also detect the yield strength, tensile (compression, bending) strength, elongation, non proportional strength, elastic modulus and other parameters of materials! This huge economic and environmental benefit makes the turbocharger with a waste recycling demand of 70.48 million tons and 75.81 million tons in ABB's corresponding countries become the standard configuration of global fuel and gas engines

with advanced optimization design, abb turbocharger has been in the industry benchmark position in key indicators such as efficiency, compression ratio, compactness, weight, number of parts, service life and maintenance interval

as a global leader in this field, abb has established support and service points for internal combustion engine manufacturers and end users in more than 100 places in the world, including the Panama Canal mentioned at the beginning. There, abb engineers use the time when ships wait to cross the river to help inspect and maintain the turbocharging system

abb can provide turbochargers with excellent performance for various fuel and gas internal combustion engines with power between 500 kW and 25 MW. From small and medium-sized high-speed engines to giant two-stroke marine diesel engines, you can experience the powerful power brought by ABB turbochargers

people are facing a large number of environmental problems, including long-term challenges such as the ozone hole and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as emergencies such as the long-term closure of European airspace caused by the volcanic eruption in Iceland. These problems are closely related to the production and life of all mankind. Therefore, the limit protection of electronic universal testing machine and the precautions for synchronous belt have become the focus of attention of many scientific research institutions

as the saying goes, standing high and looking far away is a good way to better understand the complex composition and movement law of the earth's atmosphere. It is only the most reliable way to mount the observation instrument on an aircraft or satellite, because it is extremely cold at high altitude, the air at high altitude is thin, the temperature changes violently, the radiation intensity is large, and it is difficult to maintain the instrument Only the instrument with the strongest observation ability can have insight into the weather and warmth of the earth at an altitude of more than ten to hundreds of kilometers

abb is the world's leading supplier of space observation equipment. It has provided advanced gas and chemical composition analysis solutions for many scientific research institutions around the world. As the main analysis equipment of satellite and aircraft observation platforms, abb solutions has provided a large number of unique and accurate data to reflect the changes of the ozone layer, the distribution of greenhouse gases and the proliferation of hazardous substances after major man-made or natural disasters. At present, the representative projects that abb observation and analysis equipment has participated in include:

* national polar orbit environmental satellite system (NPOESS) of the United States. ABB has developed an interferometer, one of the core components of the project. The interferometer will observe the earth's troposphere at an altitude of 850 km, provide high-precision data on temperature, pressure, humidity and chemical composition, and help people greatly improve the accuracy of weather forecast. The system will be put into use in 2013

* the world's first dedicated greenhouse gas observation satellite - Japan greenhouse gas observation satellite (GOSAT). ABB has provided the satellite with a space interferometer for collecting and analyzing atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane content data, which will help people understand the global sources of greenhouse gas emissions. The satellite was launched on january22,2009

* Canadian Space Agency scientific satellite (SCISAT). ABB Fourier transform spectrometer on the satellite has collected the most accurate upper atmospheric chemical composition data at present. These data have deepened people's understanding of the stratospheric ozone change mechanism and provided a powerful reference for the formulation of global ozone layer protection policies

* U.S Environmental Protection Agency emergency response aircraft. The US Environmental Protection Agency has an emergency response aircraft equipped with abb spectrometer to monitor the diffusion of hazardous substances in the atmosphere after natural or man-made environmental disasters. Since 2001, the aircraft has carried out more than 60 missions, including environmental monitoring of major events such as the disintegration of the space shuttle Columbia in 2003, the chemical facility fire in Texas in 2005 and Hurricane Katrina

on the ground, ABB products and solutions have helped a large number of customers achieve emission reduction, efficiency and energy saving; In the sky, abb has also set up a thousand mile eye for human beings to overlook the earth. This is like a set of combination boxing, which will help people cope with climate change more effectively and protect the earth's environment

let water polo say goodbye to water shortage

some people say that it is more appropriate to call the earth a water polo because most of the earth's surface is covered by water; But the earth is also a planet short of water, because the natural fresh water available to human beings is less than 1% of the total water. Faced with the pressure of water supply brought about by population growth and economic development, many countries have set their eyes on the vast sea - Algeria, a North African country with almost no rain all year round and 95% of its territory in the arid zone, is one of them

recently, abb provided complete electrical solutions for Algeria MAGTAA desalination plant, the world's largest reverse osmosis desalination project. MAGTAA desalination plant is located in Oran, the second largest city in Algeria. After completion, it can supply 500000 cubic meters of fresh water every day to meet the water demand of 5million people, equivalent to 1/4 of the permanent population in Beijing

the slow swing of the power isolation building on the rubber isolation layer is one of the largest single operating expenses of the desalination plant. Therefore, improving the energy efficiency of the plant is of great significance to reducing the price of fresh water. If the price of fresh water exceeds people's purchasing capacity, the desalination plant will be difficult to survive. ABB's complete set of electrical solutions and 220kV outdoor substation help MAGTAA desalination plant achieve the goal of cost control, while ensuring that the plant can obtain sufficient and stable power from electricity

abb solutions include a variety of efficiency and energy saving measures. For example, by using 33 medium voltage frequency converters, the power loss of the plant is reduced from 5% of the industry benchmark to 3%; By optimizing the design and manufacturing, the downtime and maintenance time of the factory can be reduced from a few weeks to a few days. This series of measures has been appreciated by Hyflux, a factory operator with 25 years of industry experience worldwide. They believe that abb technology can indeed significantly improve plant productivity while reducing energy consumption and wear, and MAGTAA desalination plant is therefore in a position to continue to make profits

abb is a leading power and automation solution supplier in the global water treatment industry. It can provide a full set of optimized integrated instrumentation, control and electrical systems, as well as a series of automation products to help customers improve equipment productivity and stability and achieve sustainable development

abb is one of the world's top 500 leading manufacturers in the field of power and automation technology. ABB's technology can help power, utility and industrial customers improve performance while reducing adverse environmental impacts. ABB Group operates in more than 100 countries and employs 117000 people. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R & D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services. It employs 15300 employees, has 30 joint ventures and sole proprietorships, and has a strong sales and service network all over the country. To learn more about abb, please visit

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