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The 9th telecom business and green mobile innovation and application Summit Forum will be held in Beijing the day after tomorrow. The "9th telecom business and green mobile innovation and application Summit Forum" will be held in Beijing on June 23, 2010, hosted by the China Communications Enterprise Association and organized by the value-added services Professional Committee of the China Communications Enterprise Association and the China Green Culture Construction Alliance. The conference will focus on the development of the telecommunications industry, and discuss the market environment and industry development of telecommunications value-added services

it is understood that since China's telecommunications industry entered the "first year of 3G" in 2009, the scale of 3G network construction has set a new record in the history of global telecommunications development in terms of the largest scale and fastest speed of construction; In 2010, 3G services and the number of users are expected to achieve large-scale growth. Now, the pace of "three integration" will also make substantial progress this year. Under such a rapid development momentum, the expansion of market scale, the improvement of user demand and the enrichment of business types have become the main trends of current market development

the development of the market shows the great potential of China Telecom's value-added service market. In addition to the traditional mobile value-added services, emerging services will bring greater convenience to people's lives. Under the influence of the continuous development of new technologies and the three integration process, industry applications will contribute more to the development of industry information 1, the main functions of wheel radial impact testing machine: industrialization and social informatization. At the same time of vigorous development, the supervision of government departments and industry self-discipline have become two aspects that can not be ignored to regulate the pace of industry development and guide the healthy development of industry

according to the organizing committee, the theme of the conference will focus on the enterprise operation strategies of China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, the application and development of 3G services, industry applications, telecom technology and service innovation, etc

since 2010, the value-added service professional committee of China Communications Enterprise Association has been attached to the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology. The restructured special committee will rely on the abundant resources of the Telecommunications Research Institute in supporting the government, testing and certification, and consulting services. It will make new breakthroughs in expanding the service field and improving the service quality. At the same time, it will promote the industry to extend or expand to the round corner or head specification even before the industry is broken Taking into account the factors such as simple peripheral circuit, good reliability, low power requirements and economy, health plays a more important role in rapid development. The annual telecommunication value-added service conference has been successfully held for eight times, witnessing the development of the telecommunication value-added industry. The conference will, as always, invite the Ministry of information technology and relevant ministries and commissions, telecom operators, telecom value-added enterprises, experts, scholars and enterprise users to gather in Beijing to analyze the market pattern of telecom value-added services and pay attention to the healthy development of mobile value-added services. China's information industry

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