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ABB provides solutions for the world's first driverless large cargo terminal

a complete set of ABB lifting system solutions has helped create the world's first fully automated large cargo terminal in Shanghai. Three large unmanned cranes can be operated remotely, reaching new industry benchmarks in speed, efficiency and productivity from the central control room

the solution has completely changed the transportation method of bulk raw materials, such as coal, ore and crystal

this solution enables operators to gradually change from manual operation with low efficiency and easy to make mistakes (each crane is equipped with a driver, who receives instructions from the control room around the wharf via radio) to full automation. In this driverless world, each crane is automatically operated by procedures, and can be monitored and controlled from a central control room

the solution cooperates with the operation of the warehouse crane to enter an accurate cycle, so as to optimize the equipment and its application in the processing and manufacturing process, reduce the cycle time, establish new efficiency, productivity and safety standards, and greatly increase the power demand of the production capacity utilization of the Lao Da factory

abb's breakthrough design solutions will be used in the newly expanded and modernized construction of Shanghai Port Luojing port. Among the cranes, there are the world's first fully automatic grab loader (with a very large bucket that can load 50 tons of raw materials at a time), the first fully automated stacker and the fully automated marine loader

the pioneering grab marine unloader (GSU) uses the innovative ABB technology TPS, which can detect the position of any object, accurate to cm, and quickly approach the target using path control

tps is a successful high-tech technology developed by ABB in the process of container terminal loading and unloading operations, including shipping profiling, chassis placement and obstacle monitoring. TPS is widely installed on more than 150 ship to shore and rail mounted container gantry cranes

solutions developed by ABB will benefit Shanghai international port (Group) Co., Ltd. In addition to advanced software technologies such as TPS, solutions include ABB power automation products, including electrical control systems, energy efficient motors and variable speed drives

Luojing is one of the many wharves that make up Shanghai port, and it is one of the busiest ports in the world. In addition to serving the largest city in China and the economy of the entire Yangtze River Delta, Luojing alley also serves some major steel mills, including Baosteel near Luojing, which is connected to the conveyor belt system for fast and convenient ore transportation. At present, global plastic covestro can provide appropriate material solutions, with a consumption of more than 260 million tons

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