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Alan and outlier Telecom deploy 4G LTE UWB network

Alan and outlier Telecom deploy 4G LTE UWB network, including: minimum load detection of bolt; Recheck the pretension of torsional shear high-strength bolt connection pair; Torque detection of high-strength bolt connection pair; Recheck the torque coefficient of high-strength large 6-point bolt connecting pair; Anti sliding coefficient detection network of friction surface of high-strength bolt connection

-- deploy 4G LTE UWB network in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean

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Alcatel lucent cooperates with outlier Telecom to deploy 4G LTE UWB network in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean

outlier Telecom will be the first to deploy 4G LTE UWB network in the Caribbean, French Guiana Martinique can still provide ultra wideband mobile access through security checks on Guam, Guadeloupe Island, Reunion Island and Mayotte island in the Indian Ocean. On March 17, ctiforum (Liwenjie): Alcatel lucent recently announced that it will cooperate with outlier Telecom to take the lead in deploying 4G LTE ultra wideband access network in France to provide 4G LTE and cable TV cable connections. The network will cover French Guyana, Martinique and Guadeloupe in the French West Indies, and reunion and Mayotte in the Indian Ocean. Outlier Telecom is a subsidiary of Altice group, and also a distributor of the French overseas departments and regions of numericable, a cable TV operator of Altice group

outlier Telecom has been the major telecom service provider in the region for 15 years, with its headquarters in Paris. The company provides a complete series of fixed and mobile business products for individual and enterprise customers

outlier Telecom will deploy Alcatel Lucent's industry-leading 4G LTE overlay solution, which can achieve rapid deployment and unparalleled high performance. This new solution helps to ensure the attractiveness and competitiveness of the region and meet the huge demand for bandwidth from residents, tourism departments and related enterprises in the region. The deployment of the project will help outlier Telecom to provide 4G LTE UWB services to its users using smart, tablet computers and other mobile devices more quickly, and provide services to millions of tourists who come here every year

Alcatel lucent LTE solutions include:

lte wireless access

replacing the original 2g/3g core

packet core evolution (EPC), including p-gateway and s-gateway

integrated user data manager, which can integrate the configuration data of mobile networks and create personalized services

Alcatel lucent will also provide professional services such as network planning, pre startup optimization, network integration and launch assistance for business activities. Outremer telecom customers within the coverage will be able to experience ultra wideband access services

patrick drahi, President of Altice, said: this cooperation will take the lead in bringing users a unique experience of combining 4G LTE and cable TV cable in France. We are proud to participate in it. We are also pleased to cooperate with outlier Telecom to implement the project. Its excellent development has proved the ability and professionalism of the team members. The cooperation with Alcatel lucent ensures the quality of the project implementation, and establishes the company's leading position in fixed IP group and ultra wideband access. At the same time, the project also shows the unique strength of Alcatel lucent in the field of advanced network and access technologies. Altice has invested more than 100million euros in overseas departments and regions. This cooperation also makes Altice's UWB products in this region show the overall high-end development trend and the mobile access deployment plan a big step forward

outlier Telecom chairman and CEO Jean Michel hegesippe said: in outlier's business coverage areas, the market competition of telecom services is extremely fierce. Whether it's voice or data, we face challenges in providing customers with the same quality of experience as the rest of the world. Alcatel Lucent's solutions help us to more easily provide advanced services to meet the needs of users, especially the demand for ultra wideband access in the wireless field. In addition, the scheme also helps us to continue to provide services to users at competitive prices

Michel Combes, CEO of Alcatel lucent, said: it is very important for Alcatel lucent to help outlier Telecom achieve its ambition in quality and service. The goal of outlier Telecom is to provide customers with the same level of high-quality service no matter where they are, at work or at leisure. By deploying the 4G LTE overlay coverage solution, outlier Telecom will quickly provide perfect performance services for individuals, enterprise customers and tourists in this region, bringing them an ultra wideband experience

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