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ABB: through the global economic crisis in 2008, the economies of all countries in the world have been greatly impacted. However, China has not only been little affected by the economic crisis, but also become the locomotive driving the recovery of the whole world economy. Abb, the world's power and automation giant, has also increased its investment in China like other companies. Zhou Lian, senior vice president of ABB and head of human resources in North Asia and China, admitted that with the increasing investment in the Chinese market, their talent bottleneck is becoming more and more obvious, especially the lack of management talents. It is imperative to design a set of methods to attract and cultivate future management talents. Their approach is to further promote ABB China Management Trainee Program (CMTP)

concept foundation

management trainee is a special project with the main goal of training future leaders of the company. ABB first recruits fresh graduate students with profound professional and technical background and management potential from China's top universities of science and engineering, and then gives them a training period of 18 months or more to provide them with opportunities to work in different cities in China or even abroad, and to experience a variety of work cultures and tasks. At the end of the project, they can flexibly set posts in the business departments with needs according to their own career development plans. In the past six years, 34 management trainees have successfully graduated, many of whom have begun to hold important management positions. Through this project, abb China has initially tasted the sweetness. Facing the problem of lack of management talents, Zhou Lian has undoubtedly found an efficient solution

the difficulty of the management trainee project lies not in how to carry out management training, but in the renewal of talent concept in the early stage. Is it necessary to have many years of work experience and strong work performance to be a leader? If you think the answer is yes, it will be very difficult to implement the management trainee program well. An important prerequisite for implementing the management trainee program is to establish a basic concept: the growth of a talent does not depend on how much experience he has, but on how many challenges he has accepted in these experiences. Human resources research has also shown that the number of projects developed (number of business launched) only accounts for 1% of the ability growth, while other experiences, such as leading the team (13%), innovatively solving problems (14%), developing department strategies (13%), will make the ability of talents grow rapidly and substantially. Therefore, the management trainee program avoids the weakness that the fresh graduates lack a good understanding of business and operation, tries to fully explore their advantages in plasticity, strong learning ability and knowledge application ability, and tries to find ways to set more challenges for these future leaders in a short period of time. In Zhou Lian's words, we should not only try our best to train people, but also shorten the training speed as much as possible

define the talent concept, and then work on the talent standard. In Zhou Lian's opinion, it doesn't matter whether he has work experience or not, but positive research spirit and strong curiosity should be the qualities that management trainees must have. However, in her opinion, it is more important for management trainees to have a balanced self-knowledge. A person should know where he is strong and what he lacks. Especially for future managers, without such self-knowledge, they will often suffer in their career and bring a lot of troubles in management. The opposite of self-knowledge is to be impetuous and good at dealing with people. As a management trainee, you should also have the ability to influence others and drive others. You should know how to use skillful resources rather than force others. After Zhou Lian's harsh interview, the colorful but challenging life of management trainees waiting for them officially began

challenge job rotation

like other newly recruited employees, newly recruited management trainees will also receive systematic training on the current situation of the industry, the company's production and operation profile, as well as the corporate culture and values. However, unlike other employees who set their posts immediately after training, they will enter the unique and most important job rotation link of management trainees

at abb, basically every management trainee will have three job rotation internships for about half a year each time. They will work in different business departments, different functional departments and different cities. Steel wire and steel wire rope manufacturers need to show users the quality, safety and performance of their products and accept different internship tasks so that they can fully face difficulties. During the job rotation, abb assigns a mentor from the management level to each management trainee, and the mentor is held by ABB's senior management. According to the introduction of Yu Bo, a management trainee who has been assigned to a certain position, most of the exchanges between tutors and management trainees are about career development and life planning. As successful managers, these seniors, combined with their own experience, put forward very constructive and targeted suggestions for potential managers. At the same time, abb also designates a tutor to guide the management trainees in business during the shift at each station. These counselors are the business managers of this station. They are responsible for assigning internship tasks. They not only track and guide these management trainees in work details, but also teach them the way of grass-roots management

however, don't think that the tutor and counselor will arrange everything for the management trainees. This is only the supporting arrangement of the HR department when the management trainees face challenges. They only guide the career development and work of management trainees, but do not help them solve practical problems. ABB has only built a platform and a series of policy support for management trainees, but what they can do is entirely up to them. When many management trainees arrive at a certain station, they often don't know the working method of that department, let alone what to do, and the other party doesn't dare to hand over the work to new people, but management trainees have to accept the strict assessment of the internship department. It is not uncommon for these management trainees to sit on the bench at the beginning. Even many of them complain that the company is really bad and wrong, and they have not arranged it for me. However, Zhou Lian hoped that the management trainees could find a way out under such circumstances. The span of management trainees from school to the workplace is very large. It is actually not a very good thing for the company to hold on to these three job rotations in order to minimize the impact of friction, and it is even more against the purpose of the management trainee project. Because in this world, there is no place where everything can be arranged for you. In that case, you will not be a manager. I'm glad that every one of them broke out

competitive employment

after three rounds of job rotation, management trainees will graduate. They can choose to set posts in the business departments of the company that need them according to their own career development plans. It is worth mentioning that abb does not set up posts for these management trainees according to their personnel, but further strengthens the company's competitive employment policy. According to Zhou Lian, abb China will evaluate the performance of all employees every year and build a backup echelon every year. They will measure the potential of employees to make promotion arrangements, regardless of whether they are management trainees or not. Through the management trainee program, abb only gave these management trainees a platform for rapid growth, so that they could understand that giving them a springboard would jump high. However, it will be a greater challenge for management trainees within three years after the job assignment, including one experimental factory and one R & D laboratory in Oklahoma. Management trainees need to end the mentality of their job rotation. They need to settle down to do one thing from beginning to end in a position, and do well and make achievements. They need to realize that there are endless opportunities for development at abb, but the opportunities are reserved for competent people. On the premise of competition for posts, they not only need to have a tough spirit, but also need to show that they really have extraordinary talent through action, otherwise they will really be left behind

management trainee project is a key project of ABB's entire human resources, and it is also an excellent interpretation of ABB's unique human resources concept. In Zhou Lian's opinion, the function of HR should be to clarify the company's structure, clarify the company's salary and welfare, performance management, reserve forces, core values, etc., and let employees know what the company encourages and discourages. HR's job is to build a platform for each employee to choose. If an employee personally agrees with the company's philosophy and is willing to do it with all his strength, the company will give him the greatest possibility and let him move forward at the fastest speed. This is true of management trainees and non management trainees

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