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Mr. ABB shibifu talked about energy saving and efficiency increase of motor system, which has always been the sustainable development goal emphasized by the Chinese government and one of the main driving forces for China's industrial development and industrial upgrading in the future. Most of ABB's products and solutions are directly or indirectly related to energy conservation and efficiency. ABB's advantageous products, such as frequency converters and high-efficiency energy-saving motors, will bring very good energy-saving effects to customers, and can better help the Chinese government achieve the 16% energy-saving and emission reduction target during the 12th Five Year Plan period. At the 2012 ABB automation world event, IMS research motor and motor control analyst zhouwanmu visited Mr. shibifu, head of ABB Group's discrete automation and motion control business department, on the topic of energy saving in the machine system of the upstream industrial base of new organic silicon materials

Mr. Smith is very proud of ABB's contribution to global energy conservation and consumption reduction. He mentioned that only 10% of industrial motors in the world have adopted frequency conversion equipment, which has great potential to further reduce energy consumption. In 2011, ABB's inverter operated worldwide saved about 310billion kilowatt hours of electricity for customers, an increase of 19% over 2010. These saved electric energy, if calculated based on the U.S. electricity price in 2011, is equivalent to saving $34billion in electricity charges for customers. At the same time, these saved electric energy is equivalent to the generating capacity of 30 nuclear power plants. Therefore, theoretically, it is entirely possible to save another 100 nuclear power plants in the future

in promoting the adoption of energy-efficient motors by Chinese customers, Steve believes that on the one hand, the government should try to simplify the process for enterprises to obtain subsidies, expand the scope and range of subsidies, narrow the price difference between high-efficiency motors and ordinary motors, so that customers can enjoy the benefits of high-efficiency motors more. On the other hand, as a major supplier of high-efficiency motors, abb has invested a lot of money in localized production, training and educating customers, and adding more production equipment. By sharing application information and energy-saving data with customers and providing training and education, customers can understand the rate of return and income that can be obtained by using these energy-efficient motors, and promote customers to adopt high-efficiency motors. In the whole life cycle of the motor, 95% to 98% of the cost is the energy use cost, and only 2% to 5% is the one-time investment in purchasing the motor. For customers, using high-efficiency motors can recover their investment within two years, saving the overall use cost for customers. The Chinese government will promote the new high-efficiency motor standard gb18613 from September 1 this year. In order to timely follow up the needs of the partnership units - 2012, abb already has very good high-efficiency motor products. ABB's low-voltage and high-voltage motors have also entered the national catalogue of energy saving and people benefiting subsidy projects. ABB previously released its IE4 ultra-high-efficiency motors all over the world, and ABB has made a good inventory of general-purpose high-efficiency motors in China, Can be shipped at any time

at present, the power consumption of industrial motor system accounts for about 25% of the total power consumption in the world. Energy efficient motors and frequency converters are important links in the whole plant process, and also a very good entry point to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, which can help users to take a series of follow-up energy-saving and efficiency increasing actions. On the basis of providing energy-saving products, abb will continue to carry out energy-saving diagnosis of the whole plant process and provide energy-saving solutions and services to achieve better energy-saving results. Through energy-saving diagnosis and energy-saving transformation, abb converts the common motors currently used by customers into high-energy efficiency motors. For example, abb recently cooperated with a customer in the cement industry to check the installation of each motor in the factory, and then replaced one of the 450kv motors with a high-energy efficiency motor. The annual crude steel production capacity was reduced by 5.27 million tons, pig iron by 1.75 million tons, and the frequency conversion system. The final result was that the cost recovery time of the customer's entire investment was less than 9 months, The reduced carbon dioxide emissions are equivalent to the amount produced by driving 100 cars for a year. In addition, in Asia Pacific Senbo paper, abb made an energy-saving diagnosis for the paper mill and sent experts to the paper mill to help them. 5. After the experiment was ready, it began to do a comprehensive energy-saving integration from the motor system and other links. As a result, 32 energy-saving opportunities were found and a large amount of energy-saving potential was explored. From very simple and easy links to very high-end applications, the customers were very satisfied with the energy-saving results achieved. (zhouwanmu)

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