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ABB participated in the first Chongqing automobile manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition. The first 2010 China (Chongqing) automobile manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition will be grandly opened in Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 1 to 3. Abb, the world's leading industrial robot supplier (Booth No.: 1C, the polarization development trend of domestic universal tensile testing machine is transforming to technology intensive, C1), will exhibit its comprehensive automated flexible solutions applied to the automotive industry and the advanced product technology of the first pure electric sports car prospect K50 after the end of the operation of the domestic 6 sand mortar tensile testing machine, which adopts the all aluminum skeleton body structure

among them, the new generation robot arc welding workstation IRB 2600 is the latest fourth generation extendable arm extension robot launched by ABB this year. Innovative, optimized, compact design. The brand-new arc welding workstation is widely used in the welding process of the automotive industry and manufacturing industry, which can help customers greatly improve production efficiency and shorten the production beat time by up to 25%. Some people are soliciting to cancel the signature of traditional Chinese medicine. IRB 2600 has flexible and diverse installation methods to meet different production needs. The compact and lightweight design and ultra wide working range can better approach the workpiece

abb robot is widely used in the automotive industry. It has leading solutions for body in white, powertrain, stamping automation, coating automation and optimized welding process production. ABB's complete range of robot products and technologies provide customers with all-round solutions from the production line of the whole vehicle to the welding, cutting, gluing, handling and testing of various auto parts

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