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Editor's note: when the global economic crisis spreads, how should China respond? What should ABB do

the potential demand of China's steel market reaches 600 ~ 700 million tons per year

"the world pays attention to China - China will be the last bastion of the global economy", Mr. fujianpeng, vice president of Asia Pacific region of ABB steel and nonferrous metals industry department, talked about this topic in an interview. When the global economic crisis spreads, how should China respond? What should ABB do? China belongs to the world and the world belongs to China. ABB belongs to the world as well as China

fujianpeng said: "China should increase domestic demand in response to the crisis, and China has great potential in this regard. On the one hand, there are many projects to do in urban construction (i.e. urbanization and industrialization); on the other hand, China's financial situation is good, which has the power to stimulate domestic demand."

according to the information release report of China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises in 2007, the main business income of the iron and steel industry is 2381.3 billion yuan, the profit has reached 175.7 billion yuan, the profit margin is 7.38% and there is a retractable rain cover. As fujianpeng said, China's iron and steel industry will be promising, and ABB will provide industrial automation solutions in an all-round way

Mr. fujianpeng, vice president of Asia Pacific region of ABB steel and nonferrous metals industry department, estimates that the potential demand of China's steel market will reach 600 ~ 700 million tons per year in the future

as we all know, abb has been an innovator and technology leader in the field of power and metal industry for more than 100 years. In addition to good product quality and stable service, what other reasons make her invincible? Take ABB's iron and steel and non-ferrous metal industry department as an example to explore the reasons:

first, high quality + low cost

abb has a global footprint. The engineering centers of the iron and steel and non-ferrous metal business unit include Russia, Czech Republic, India and China. In these countries, the development ratio of Engineering force, talent force and information volume is fast, which can ensure the high quality of products and projects, while the cost is relatively low. On the premise of ensuring high quality, reducing costs, approaching the market and customers is ABB's strategy in global development

II. Standardization + localization

abb promotes industry standardization globally and forms a unified business platform. Including plant optimization and solutions, the operation center should coordinate profits. ABB's solutions and systems are used in different countries and regions. All hardware and software are the same, that is, global integration. At the same time, efficient regional management, namely localization, meets the local management needs

III. research and development on demand

abb's steel and non-ferrous metal business unit will invest 6% ~ 8% of the cost in research and development every year to develop solutions suitable for market demand. "Where there are users, there are ABB". This is ABB's goal

according to fujianpeng, China's steel demand in 2007 was about 500 million tons. Affected by the global economy, the growth rate slowed down in 2008, but the potential demand is still there. With the great development of industrialization, it is predicted that in the next 10 years, China's steel mills and demand market: according to the main technical parameters: China's annual per capita demand is more than 200 kg (Europe's per capita demand is 600 ~ 700 kg), the demand will reach 600 ~ 700 million tons

Many ABB orders come from developing countries, including China, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. Development is particularly important for slender bars and thin-walled components. Developing countries have huge market demand, "ABB will provide and develop what the market needs." Quick understanding of demand can win the market and customers

IV. high efficiency products as support

as a multinational group positioning its business in the global medium and high-end market, abb has efficient, safe and economic products as support in all industries, and continues to develop energy-saving new products according to market demand. For example, abbas6000 is the most advanced energy-saving transmission system in the world. It applies IGBT technology to reduce electric harmonic pollution and greatly improve the effective power. In addition, ABB's medium voltage and low-voltage transmission systems adopt DTC control technology to achieve accurate control of high torque and speed, and greatly improve productivity. China's energy conservation began to develop in the 1980s and early 1990s. Fujianpeng believes that in the future, China will be an energy-saving, economic and efficient development period

v. talent is fundamental

in recent years, abb has expanded its personnel in China, India and Russia. Take China as an example. In 2008, there was a great development in personnel. In fujianpeng's opinion, "a really good enterprise is one that can withstand the market crisis when the market is depressed. We should look at the development of things from a forward-looking perspective. At least the management can see the front end of the crisis. Reserve talents. Once the market changes, we can give full play to the advantages of human resources."

the above measures have made the performance of ABB's iron and steel and non-ferrous metal industry department increase year by year, attracting the attention and admiration of the world

in China, ABB's steel and non-ferrous industry department successively won a complete set of electric control systems such as automation, transmission and main motor of Shandong Lubao 460 seamless steel tube mill project, the main transmission part of Angang ASP thin slab continuous casting and rolling project, the main transmission part of 3800mm medium plate project, and the automation and transmission elongation of WRM high-speed wire rod project in the first five months of 2008, which is also called elongation, which refers to the elongation of material samples after being broken by tensile load, Percentage of the ratio of the total extension length to the original length, using δ It represents multiple large orders such as the system, and helps the continuous return unit of Baosteel cold rolled sheet plant to successfully achieve the overall standard of output, quality, benefit and energy consumption within 9 months, breaking the fastest record for similar units in the world. In July, abb signed an order with Tangshan Shougang Baoye iron and Steel Co., Ltd. for the electrical and automation system of the high-speed wire rod production line

"ABB's electrical and automation systems help our customers greatly improve production efficiency, so as to achieve its goal of sustainable, high-speed and efficient development", fujianpeng said, "in the course of many years of cooperation with metallurgical enterprises at home and abroad, ABB's Ministry of iron and steel and nonferrous metals industry has forged profound friendship with many customers and become a strategic partner."

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