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With the rapid economic development and the change of the concept of furniture decoration after the 1980s and 1990s, people have higher and higher requirements for furniture. Whole house customization has become the hottest topic in the household industry. From the earliest wardrobe and kitchen cabinet industry to doors and windows, ceilings, many traditional building materials and furniture brands have stepped into whole house customization. Insiders generally believe that whole house customization and overall home furnishing are the general trend, that design is the soul of the customization industry, and that cooperation will be the development direction of the customization industry in the future. The whole household will become the mainstream trend in the future! Dewell, the overall wardrobe brand in 2018

consumer demand

with the continuous rise of house prices and the shrinking of living space, more and more customers hope to make full and rational use of space; The improvement of life quality also makes people put forward higher requirements for the overall effect and style matching of home space. In addition, the demand for after-sales service and environmental protection is also increasing

"whole house customization can truly achieve one-stop purchase, and can solve the problems of space utilization and overall aesthetics. It is time-saving and convenient for consumers, with satisfactory final effect and after-sales guarantee."

resource integration

from customized cabinets to full house furniture customization, which means the horizontal expansion of the product line for customization enterprises. If you want to integrate soft decoration products into the overall home, the product line is infinitely extended

"consumers don't have time and energy to choose, and don't want to go to so many suppliers. In addition to convenience, there are also problems such as style matching and after-sales service. We just provide a home consumption platform for consumers. To truly achieve the overall home and provide one-stop service, * a good way is integration.

whole house custom design

" without design, home is always just a pile of wood ", Design is the vitality of customized products, which is determined by the characteristics of customized furniture. Compared with finished furniture, the advantages of customized furniture lie in the rational use of space and the optimization of internal use structure, which is inseparable from design

in the future, whole house customization will be unstoppable, and the overall home furnishing will become the mainstream trend in the future. This view is widely recognized in the home furnishing industry. "The customization industry will develop in the direction of whole house customization and overall home furnishing. In the final analysis, it still stems from the two-way needs of customers and enterprises.

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