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Almost everything in our life is about feng shui, because Feng Shui is closely related to all aspects of our fortune. Therefore, people pay great attention to Feng Shui; Then in Feng Shui senior, what are the stresses of stair decoration and Feng Shui? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

stress on stair decoration and Feng Shui

nine stress on stair decoration and Feng Shui

1, the slope of stairs should not be too large. This is not only considering the elderly and children, but also a noteworthy thing for an ordinary adult

2, stairs are high wear parts, and relatively solid materials should be used

3, the width of the handrail of the stairs should be large or small, and the possibility of a child's collet should be considered, either the child's head can't enter, or it can pass freely

4, for the stairs with cracks, pay attention to the appearance of women when wearing short skirts to avoid embarrassment

5, the tread of stairs should be rounded to avoid injury to feet

9 details that should be paid attention to in Feng Shui of stair decoration triptych

6. The number of steps of the stair should take into account the height of the floor and the height of a single step, as well as the good or bad luck of the number of steps, generally “ Prosperity and death ” The last step on the platform is to “ Sheng ” Or “ Prosperous ” Word decision, avoid “ Death ” And “ Absolutely ” Word decision, many years of feng shui design practical experience, the fulfillment rate is 80%

7, stairs cannot be set in the center of the house. Because the center of the house is called “ Acupoint eye ”, Yes “ Qi ” If the stairs are set in the center of the room, it will appear “ The guest usurps the host ”, Stairs are used to walk people up and down, which makes this place noisy and restless, not only wasting “ Acupoint eye ” This precious area, with “ Trample ” Irreverence means that it will not bring good luck to the owner of the house. How to decorate and improve? Build a wall at the platform on the second or third or fourth floor to block the stairs. Make it impossible to go upstairs from here. Under normal circumstances, the bottom of the stairs is about 2.7 meters. You might as well bend the stairs to the left or right three feet in front of the platform (90 cm in the month), and then go upstairs. This kind of improvement can be achieved by the project

8. The steeper the slope of the stairs, the stronger the negative effect on Feng Shui. Therefore, the slope of the stairs should be eased better. In terms of shape, spiral ladders and stairs with turning platforms halfway are preferred. In addition, it should be noted that wooden stairs with slow air connection and air supply are best used, and stairs made of stone and metal are less used

9. Looking out from the door, the stairs just go down. Feng Shui calls it “ Water dissipation ”, Also called “ Discharge ”, It represents the omen of breaking money. It's very tiring. You can't get in until you get out. Solution: raise the threshold at the door, or lay a red carpet at the door with eight copper coins under the carpet

stair decoration and Feng Shui should avoid

1, stair steps

stair steps should take into account the floor height and single step height, as well as the good or bad luck of the steps, generally “ Prosperity and death ” The last step on the platform is to “ Sheng ” Or “ Prosperous ” Word decision, avoid “ Death ” And “ Absolutely ” Word decision

2. Do not face the door directly at the entrance of the stairs

because the stairs themselves are section by section, if “ Qi ” As soon as you enter the door, if you meet the stairs first, the stairs will be cut horizontally, or “ Qi ” Cut it all off, or make “ Qi ” It cannot be smooth and disturbs the aura. When the aura is disordered, the general environment in the room is naturally no better

3. Stairs should be set in the position of wealth.

stairs are the most obvious and key factor affecting wealth. If stairs are in the position of wealth, the effect of promoting wealth will be very good. No matter how high or small the stairs are, they are all regarded as water. From the perspective of the dark sky, they should be placed at the gate of the city and be the God of the water dragon. From the perspective of Hacienda, we should put anger, prolong life, and natural medicine. According to the viewpoint of nine stars flying, it should be in the angry side and the prosperous side

4. Decoration beneficial to the feng shui of stairs

now many friends buy houses and live. It is impossible to change the house after it is built, and the best way is to resolve it. We can change the color of the wall, such as painting, hanging mural posters, etc; You can also hang some mascots at the door, such as gourds, so that you can absorb the backflow of gas, which is conducive to family development; In some families, the door is facing the stairs, which is very detrimental. Raising the door fence is a good choice

stress on villa stair decoration and Feng Shui

1. The villa stair steps should not be too high

the height of each stair step has a certain minimum. The height of the first level is called “ Step ”, The maximum limit shall not exceed 23cm; “ of each order; Pedal surface ”, It must not be less than 15 cm. Of course, these are the most reluctant limits. Too steep stairs are dangerous to the elderly or children. The ideal stair is: the step is L7 cm, and the tread is about 27 cm

2. The stairs of the villa should not be on the door

the stairs should not be on the door. The door is usually a hole for swallowing air. If the air enters the door, the sword European body will be resisted, and the stairs will be tangent first. Either the air will be cut off at once, or the air will not be smooth, disturbing the villa gas field, and the health of the householder will also be affected. Stair to door solution: turn the stair in one direction facing the gate. The shape of the stair is designed into an arc. It is the reverse direction of the stair opening, with its back to the gate; Hide the stairs, preferably behind the wall, and clamp the stairs with two walls. This will not cut off the gas field, but also multiply the director's sense of security when going up and down the stairs. The space of the stairs can also be designed as a storage room or toilet; Put a screen between the gate and the stairs with a screen, so that the breath can enter the house along the screen

3. The villa stairs should not be in the center of the house

the center of the house is the center of condensing gas, the soul of the house, and a noble place. The stairs are located in the center of the villa house, which means that the guest dominates the host, and will also affect the luck of the owner. In addition, there is the feeling of dividing the whole family in two, which will bring all kinds of quarrels in the family and even lead to marital disharmony

4. The gradient of stairs should not be too large or use vertical ladders

stairs are channels for rapid air movement, which can make the air move rapidly from one floor to another. When people move up and down the stairs, they will stir the air energy, making the stairs move rapidly, so as to achieve the purpose of gathering air and nourishing air. In order to achieve the purpose, the smaller the gradient of stairs, the better the effect. In order to avoid the wealth and luck of upstairs rushing down, indoor stairs should try not to make straight stairs in terms of shape, and it is best to make spiral stairs or arc stairs with broken line stairs (i.e. stairs with rest platforms). Of course, the specific stairs should also refer to various other factors

5. Villa Feng Shui staircase formula

harmonious home formula: set stairs in the center of the house, just like the whole one size fits all. The steps should be low rather than high, and the handrails should be heavy and beautiful





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