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Many owners are confused when facing decoration and don't know how to do the most cost-effective. Today, Wuhan home decoration network editor will share with you the experience of a Wuhan owner's 110 square meters decoration. Maybe you can also learn some decoration skills from it

the new house, which had been installed for more than three months, was finally completed, and it was moved in less than a month after drying. Although the effect is not as good as you originally thought, it's also made do with it. It's really different to have your own home. You can sleep comfortably

110 square meters of building area. I went to a decoration company and didn't use their design. I designed it myself. The total cost of hard decoration is about 80000, and the cost of soft decoration and household appliances has not been counted. The decoration adopts the form of half package, and all the main decoration materials are selected and purchased by ourselves

decoration experience:

1. Hydropower engineering is really important. Even if you are busy, you should take time to supervise the construction. This part is the most fishy, and the workers are also the best at cutting corners in this part, resulting in serious consequences. The slotting and embedding of wires in my house are not done well, which makes the ground unable to be leveled and cannot be adjusted properly. Now there is a place in the living room where you can feel a bulge when stepping on it

2. Coating quality and brand are really important. It's true that I insisted on using Nippon aldehyde net for full effect at the beginning. After drying for about a week, there was no taste at all. The gloss of the wall is good and smooth. The most satisfactory thing is the light beige of the wall, which feels very warm. We should also pay attention to color matching. It is best to go to the color matching center. It is easy to make mistakes when adjusting by ourselves

3. Kitchen and bathroom tiles can be saved. Looking at a brick alone, a dozen dollars doesn't seem expensive. In fact, it's often more expensive than you expect. Those budgeters who sell tiles often deliberately underestimate when they help you budget the area, so that the total price doesn't look so expensive, but when it comes to tiling, they find that the bricks are not enough, and they fill them up again. In fact, the quality of those cheap bricks is not necessarily very poor, and they can also produce good results. There are more than two tiles in my guest bathroom

4. Household appliances must be beautiful and comfortable. New houses and new weather, although they are new, must be comfortable and convenient to live. Take the air conditioner for example. There are many kinds of frequency conversion, fixed frequency and chord wave 360 on the market now, but what really makes people comfortable is the humanized air conditioner. When the air conditioner was selected in the primary election, it took a lot of effort. Our family preferred Haier. Finally, someone introduced why Haier was good because the quality was not reliable and it was always repaired. Could it be a bad attitude. We compared six stores. In those days, we went to Suning on time every Saturday. Later, an old uncle who bought air conditioners for the second time introduced Panasonic to us. It's not wrong or expensive to see someone's age. The main reason is that there is a super sensor. The wind will be sent wherever I am. It's very comfortable. Even if there are 10 and 8 at home, it is also accurate. Alas, otherwise, technology is advanced

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