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The color of carpet is the most important. The matching of colors should be stable and not disorderly, giving people a sense of atmosphere. Moreover, the floor mat is different from hard ground paving materials such as marble and ceramic tiles, which is not easy to slip and bump. It is better to lay carpets if there are children and the elderly at home

with the improvement of people's living standards, carpets began to enter our life and were deeply favored by people. It not only adds luster to the decoration of the room, but also leaves people with intimate warmth. But most people's biggest concern when using carpets is that they won't take care of the carpets, or the carpets are easy to get dirty, change color and shed hair due to improper cleaning and maintenance. Then, let's introduce the home carpet care skills

home carpet care skills

1. Use of doormat: put a doormat at the entrance of the family, so that the soil on the shoes can be filtered once after entering the door. Keep the indoor carpet clean

2. Pick up debris: when cleaning the carpet, you should pick up the larger debris or debris first

3. Newly bought Carpets: new carpets must be vacuumed from the first day, because carpets produced by manufacturers will always lose fiber according to a certain percentage, so they should be vacuumed frequently. Finally, don't forget to look at the results of the dust bucket after each suction

4. Thoroughly dust the carpet: thoroughly clean and maintain the carpet at least once a month. Move the furniture on the carpet, and then thoroughly clean and dust the carpet to ensure that the carpet is loose and breathable

5. Pet dandruff: if you have a pet at home, you need to know that pet dandruff is the most difficult debris to clean on the carpet. Because pet wool contains natural oil, if you don't clean it, it will be entangled in the carpet wool. And often dust the pet's favorite territory

6. Skillfully use a steam cleaner: if the carpet is stained with stubborn stains such as wax drops, gum, etc., it is best to use a steam cleaner, which can quickly and effectively remove these garbage

7. Carpet cleaning frequency: it is recommended to dust the area with high load (such as the living room) every day, and the area with low load (stairs) can be cleaned once a week

8. Cleaning times: when cleaning the carpet with vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to clean the area with high load for 6-7 times, and the area with low load for 3-4 times

9. Cleaning carpets: carpets should always be cleaned. When cleaning carpets, you can transfer them to a professional laundry room and wash them with professional carpet detergent. The amount of labor is very large, once a year

10. Read the carpet Manual: read the carpet cleaning and care suggestions given by the carpet manufacturer

matching skills of carpets

1. Echo the overall style

the most important thing to match carpets is to echo the overall decorative style. Different decorative styles have different requirements for the color, shape and pattern of carpets

2. Indoor color

generally speaking, as long as it is the existing indoor color, it can be used as the carpet color, but we should try to choose the color with the largest indoor use area and the most eye-catching, so that the collocation is not easy to make mistakes and is more safe. If the decoration style of the home is more avant-garde and there are more mixed colors, you can also choose rare colors or neutral colors in the room

3. Furniture style

the furniture style here refers to the influence of tea table and sofa style on carpet matching. If the tea table and sofa are in a regular shape, you can choose rectangular carpet; If the sofa has a certain radian and the coffee table is round, the carpet can be considered to be round; If your sofa or coffee table has a different style, you can also ask the manufacturer to order it, but the price will also increase

4. Lighting conditions

houses facing south or Southeast have a large lighting area. It is best to choose carpets with cold colors such as blue and purple, which can neutralize strong light; If it is northwest oriented and the lighting is limited, carpets with warm colors such as red and orange should be selected, which will make the originally gloomy and cold house feel more warm, and at the same time, it can also play the effect of increasing space

editor's summary: that's all for home carpet care skills. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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